4 tips for using Dynamics 365 to boost your sales

Dynamics 365 To Boost Your Sales

Dynamics 365 is a powerful CRM tool that can help you boost sales. Here are four tips to make the most of your Dynamics solution:

  1. Better understand your customer relationships
    Dynamics 365 allows you to gather all customer data, historical and present, to build a better understanding of your client and their needs. Access all this information in a single view and gain a holistic perspective that allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships with your customers, as well as where the opportunities are. Dashboards can also help you identify your strongest relationships by tracking the activity of your customers, ensuring you don’t unnecessarily waste resources on poor leads.
  2. Focus and personalise your marketing campaigns
    The Dynamics 365 CRM database can be used to segment your clients according to specific characteristics, allowing you to create targeted marketing campaigns. This will increase the relevance of your marketing messages, thereby increasing overall response rates.
  3. Do business on the move
    Your business no longer needs to be connected to your office space, thanks to the power of Dynamics 365 and the internet. An employee can use a mobile device, such as a phone, tablet or laptop to access a wide variety of information, such as product details, stock levels for a specific product or a company’s order history. Take advantage of this feature to help you seal more deals in real time.
  4. Take advantage of Predictive Analysis Tools
    Predict for Dynamics 365 is a predictive analytics tool designed to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales by notifying you which leads are most likely to turn into prospects and who is most likely to purchase from you. With Predict you can use the data you already have on your customers to prioritise your sales and marketing efforts, helping you maximise sales.

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