5 minutes with Ashley Raman, Digital Transformation Consultant

People or process – what is the most important element of a transformation project? Dynamics Group Transformation Consultant, Ashley Raman, says people always come first. We sat down with Ashley to find out more.


Describe your role in one sentence.

As Transformation Consultant for the Dynamics Group and an IT professional for the last 18 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many interesting clients across various industries, helping them to strategise and standardise their processes and technology stack to reduce waste, produce maximise ROI and futureproof their organisations.


What’s your secret to success?

I could never have achieved these successful outcomes on my own – I was part of high achieving teams that supported each other and, most importantly, enjoyed working with each other in providing value to our clients. This is true of our Dynamics Group team today. We are a fascinating group of individuals whose core belief is to produce exceptional results.


Digital Transformation


So, what drives the Dynamics Group team?

Our philosophy is to build Trust, work in Collaboration, ensure complete Responsibility and implement Long-Term Success strategies to our solutions.

There four pillars are at the foundation of everything we do.


Tell us more about how these four pillars help create success for your clients.

Let’s start with trust. We believe it needs to be earned. At Dynamics Group, from the initial engagement, we trust that our clients will feel connected and confident in our team and our ability to deliver amazing results. Our people also need to trust themselves, and the other players within the team.


Collaborationwith our clients is our recommended approach because it is proven to yield results and increase productivity. We have a motto: “One Team, One Voice, One Goal”. In other words, we can achieve great things together with you, our client.


Responsibilityis something we consider as imperative in our line of work and we take it seriously. We take pride in our team, our work and believe that it is our responsibility to be completely transparent with our clients at all times. We will tell you the things you may not want to hear; we may at times disappoint you with our honest reviews and answers. But we feel if we were to do anything else, it would go against our philosophy.


Finally, ourlong-term success strategy is to ensure our clients remain satisfied with our implementation long after we have completed the project. We think about the pain points you may experience in the future and will work with you to ensure a flexible, robust and sustainable solution that is fully functioning. We are not just thinking about what you need right now; we hope to lay a solid foundation for your future needs.


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What role do people play in the process?


I believe whole-heartedly that people are our true assets. The People & Culture element within any company is pivotal to its success and, at Dynamics Group, it helps us foster longstanding relationships. Having the right people will improve your company culture and help you to achieve and overcome any challenges or obstacles. I know I’ve been fortunate and worked with many amazing people who were the assets of their departments and organisations.


Anything else you’d like to add?

Reflecting back on my own experiences, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many exceptional, kind, patient and talented work colleagues and clients, past and present, for all your help. I have thoroughly enjoyed working and solving problems with you and look forward to working with you soon on future collaborations!


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