Build A Thriving Business Around These 5 Habits

Build A Thriving Business

As Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson says, “To be successful in business, and in life, you need to connect and collaborate.”

This can be easier said than done, so how do you achieve this in business?

The fundamental driver of our success at Dynamics Group has, and will always be, our people working together. Read on to find out how we achieve this with five habits, plus practical tips to help you bring them to life:

Habit 1: Work together as one dynamic empowered team

Today’s teams are more diverse, digital and dispersed than ever before. The challenge for businesses is to overcome these challenges to build one dynamic empowered team. How?

Value everyone’s uniqueness and views, while proactively working towards common goals. Teams cannot be inspired if they don’t know what they’re working towards, so make sure their goals are explicit.

Business Takeaway: Consider implementing a user-friendly collaboration platform. Experiment with programs that make it easier to share and edit files, manage projects and track progress departments and workspaces.

Habit 2: Build out the predictive power inside your organisation

 Embrace the innovative spirit of your organisation to explore new opportunities. This doesn’t mean hiring people who tick the stereotypical box of “innovative” (confident, full of ideas and energetic); rather, work on unleashing the potential of your existing team. Inspire your people to step up, push forward and redefine processes and ideas.

Empower your people to be brave and bold, and to encourage others to do the same. Learning is key to success here, so provide opportunities for your people to continually learn, discover and explore their creativity.

Business Takeaway: Dedicate budgets to collaborative projects and learning opportunities.

Habit 3: Never give up until your customers are 110% satisfied

The customer is king. So, unless you are working to ensure they are 110% happy, what’s the point? The key to achieving this is to continually engage your customers throughout the entire lifecycle, as we strive to do at Dynamics Group. We always go the extra mile and are continually looking for ways to improve and optimise our customer operations.

In the words of the ultimate role model for customer service, Richard Branson: “The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them—preferably in unexpected and helpful ways”.

Business Takeaway: Don’t fly blind. Ask your customers what’s important to them, then work on giving it to them.

Habit 4: Be straight-up and to the point with all your communication

Honesty is always the best policy, especially in business. According to research by Culture Amp, open and honest communication is one of the top ten drivers of engagement. Why does that matter? Because engaged employees are more likely to stay with an organisation, be more productive and take fewer sick days.

Focus on being honest and transparent with your customers too. This means addressing issues as they arise, rather than pretending they don’t exist. As Bill Gates said: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”.

Business Takeaway: Make it safe to communicate. Encourage your people to communicate regularly, honestly and openly.

Habit 5: Get it done, have fun and share the learnings

There’s a lot to be said for accountability. If you can take full ownership and deliver with a smile, you will gain respect from customers. Remember that every single person in the team is responsible for company culture.

They should all know the goals and set out to achieve them. But this shouldn’t be at the sacrifice of fun. According to a Bright HR study, fun at work can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and lower stress levels.

 Business Takeaway: Find ways to incorporate play and creativity into every day, from writing a weekly update email to meetings.

Final Thoughts

Effective teamwork is the secret behind growth and success in any business. That’s why we put it to work every single day with the goal to become the best Dynamics 365 consulting team in Australia. Contact us to find out how our team can help you get the best out of Dynamics 365.