Change Management for Dynamics 365 – How

Change management dynamics 365 howChange Management – The Fundamentals

In The previous blog post, we addressed Why Change Management is vital to a Dynamics 365 project.  Now let’s look at the How. The core element of change revolves around people. People are at the centre of the source and impact of change management. Ensuring early collaboration between individuals at the beginning of the change journey will eliminate doubt and build confidence towards embracing change.


As defined by Prosci, the 5 building blocks for Successful Change for individuals are known as ADKAR:

  1. Awareness
  2. Desire
  3. Knowledge
  4. Ability
  5. Reinforcement


Understanding the reasons why the change is required and the risks associated with not changing is the first part of the journey. Organisations should always articulate clearly the nature of the change, why the change is needed and the risks of doing nothing in order to achieve adoption.


Once a need for change has been identified, and the understanding of why it is required is embraced by an organisation, an individual’s thought process will instinctively seek out the answer to ‘What’s in it for me”? This second stage is important not only for the individual asking the question but also to the organisation. The organic buy-in and participation of an individual is critical to the success of the change.


The third building block of successful change is the ‘Know How”. The organisation is responsible for providing individuals with all the right tools and processes and training in order for individuals to adapt to the change. This can be done by various methods of communication and engagement. Training materials should be readily available as well as moral support during this stage.


Whilst Awareness, Desire and Knowledge are the key preparation stages of change, this stage is about the actual implementation of the change. It is here that an organisation, as well as the individuals involved, will be offered a glimpse into how successful the change has been embraced and adopted. The indication is around the Usability of the desired change or amended behaviour as intended at the start of the change journey.


The final building block of the change journey is about ensuring the commitment of individuals to the change process and embedding the change process into the wider organisation culture for more sustainable outcomes.

Source and Impact

All five of these elements have to be clearly defined and communicated in order for individuals to Embrace, Adopt and Use. Without understanding the full reasons for the source of change and the impact of not changing, the successful change adoption will be hindered. Successful Change Management within a Dynamics 365 implementation relies heavily on individuals acceptance and confidence, it is more than just a state of mind, the individual not only has to believe but also needs to proactively act on that belief.