Change Management for Dynamic 365 – Why

Change Management for Dynamic 365 WhyWell-targeted Change Management plans and actions are just as important to the success of a Dynamics 365 implementation as is Project Management.  Unfortunately, most businesses favour Project Management over Change Management.

Project Management is more about the technical delivery side of the new Dynamics 365 system, but as we all know, people are the ones using the new system.  If they don’t want to use it or are emotionally against it, then the success of the project and all of the expected Business Intelligence are at significant risk.

The importance of quality Change Management for Dynamics Implementations

Change Management focuses on the People side of the implementation.  Its core focus is on the individuals for the new system:

  • Embracing
  • Adopting
  • Using.
Change Management focuses on the People side of a Dynamics 365 project


All businesses are affected by change.  Whether you have 20 or 220 staff, when implementing a Dynamics 365 system you will need to be mindful of the impact on your team.  Be careful not to think that a few emails sent out to all staff during the project will suffice.  Your communication needs to be tailored to suit different people and the different teams/divisions within your organisation, as the impact new systems will have will be different for your varied divisions and people.


Risks and costs for not managing change

  • Loss of projected financial benefits
  • Lack of employee adoption
  • Failure to meet project objectives (overall failure, delays, restarts/rework, budget overruns)
  • Negative employee reactions (attrition, morale, resistance)
  • Negative organisation impacts (low productivity, operational delays, culture)
  • Negative impact on customers


Project Success

The single most important success factor in any Dynamics 365 implementation is user consumption.  By focusing on bringing your users along for the journey and managing the change successfully, your project is 94% more likely to meet its objective.


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