Change Management for Dynamics 365 – Perspectives

Change Management For Dynamics 365 PerspectivesThere are two perspectives when it comes to change management.

  • Individual
  • Organisational

The previous blog article stepped through the Five Building blocks for a successful change from an individual’s perspective.
This article will explore the Greatest Contributors to Change Management Success and their unique roles.

Change Contributors

Prosci’s Change Management Best Practices study found that the following were the greatest contributors to a successful change management program:

  1. Active and visible executive sponsorship
  2. Structured change management approach
  3. Dedicated resources and funding
  4. Project Management integration
  5. Employee engagement and participation
  6. Frequent and open communication
  7. Engagement from middle management

Change Management perspectives

It takes an entire organisation to manage change successfully, it is fair to say that the approach and buy-in should begin at the top.
Executives and senior managers are the sponsors of the initiative for change. Their role is to choral the organisation into embracing the change and bring on awareness.

Middle management is the coaching team responsible for providing support and high-level processes around the change initiative.
Together the Programme/project team are the Enablers of change. The responsibility of ensuring individual voices are heard and the transparency of change is widely communicated to the wider organisation is vital to its success.

Benefits of Managing Change

All contributors have a part to play within an organisation in order to successfully implement change.
There are many positive outcomes when change is managed successfully.
Standardisation and simplification of processes will indirectly lead to the effort being spent in the areas where it is needed the most. Often these activities will contribute to the organization’s triple bottom line.

The other benefit is around the end user – ensuring individuals have Adopted, Embraced and Used the newly changed process/system will harness the best productivity of that individual making room for more innovation and generally a happy and balanced working environment.

We hope these three brief posts on Change Management with a Prosci flavour have highlighted the importance of teamwork and planning and have demystified the tremendous stigma associated with Change Management.

Successful Change Management is not scary. It is about being consistent and transparency to all people who will be touched on the change journey. It’s about Individuals as well as organisations.