Mastering Business Sales Training Program

Mastering Business Sales Training Program

Designing and implementing systems to make every business more effective and efficient is what drives the Dynamics Group team every day.  While we use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the tool to automate and streamline businesses we strongly believe CRM is not about software, nor is it about technology, it is about business results which is why we have developed our Mastering Business Training Program.

Mastering Business Sales Training Program

Delivering exceptional business solutions requires more than knowledge on how to configure software or write code. Our team always think business strategy … if it was our business what would we do? We need to almost think and act like a business consultant or coach, but we are not any of these. While we might think like a business consultant, our expertise is in designing, creating and implementing technology systems to better run the business.

We build these systems using our preferred technology tool … Microsoft Dynamics 365.

At Dynamics Group, we have carefully selected business focused, technology consultants.  Some of the team have run their own business previously others have ambitions to run their own business.

As an organisation, we have chosen to embrace our team’s inner Entrepreneurial spirit, as it is this desire to understand business that ensures we deliver the best CRM systems possible.


The Dynamics Group team are students of business, just as we are students of technology.  To ensure we maintain focus on the big picture. Dynamics Group runs monthly, Mastering Business Training Courses. We invite Australia’s leading Business Consultants to educate our team on the best practices in their field of expertise.

Mastering Business Sample Topics

  • Sales – Best practices of highly effective sales teams
  • Communication – How to ask the right questions and how to truly listen to get to the fundamental requirement
  • Team Building – What business can learn from leading sporting teams
  • Social Media – How to strategically design and implement effective social media campaigns
  • Marketing – Success stories on implementing marketing automation campaigns
  • Leadership – How CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s think, how to resolve their pain points and achieve their targets


Being business minded is a core benefit to our customers and a key differentiator to our competition. Plus our team enjoy the personal development.

We believe we have the most business-focused Dynamics 365 consulting team in Australia.