Top 4 reasons why you should be using ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions’ automatic responders, forms and landing pages.ClickDimensions is an email and marketing automation tool that’s natively integrated into Dynamics 365, allowing for a fluid and holistic approach to email and marketing automation that can help you grow your leads. If you aren’t using ClickDimensions yet, here are four reasons why you should include it as part of your sales and marketing process:

  1. Gain a better understanding of your potential clients
    ClickDimensions is able to aggregate data that’s available for public use through sites such as Twitter and Youtube. This information is used to bolster your client records so you have a 360-degree view of a potential client.
  2. Gathering data from prospects is easier than ever
    You can easily gather data using ClickDimensions’ automatic responders, forms and landing pages. This data will also be easy to locate in your systems, since it’s all automatically stored in Dynamics 365.
  3. Create custom email campaigns
    ClickDimensions also simplifies email automation by allowing you to create eye-catching emails. The template system makes it easy for anyone to create engaging emails by simply dragging and dropping. At the end of a campaign, the data gathered is used to create a heat map so you can identify how people interacted with your mailer. This can be used to fine-tune future email campaigns, further increasing ROI.
  4. Maximise your sales with web analytics
    If a visitor provides their information to the site through a form, a Dynamics 365 record is created. This record then takes all the previously anonymous activity and adds it to the profile, as well as tracking their activity moving forward. This information includes data such as how they interacted with your site, or whether they engaged with your social media pages.

Dynamics Group believes in efficiency through simplicity, which is why we use ClickDimensions in our Dynamics 365 solutions.

If you need more information on how ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365 can boost your sales, or are interested in finding out more about Dynamics 365, contact us today.