Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automated Marketing Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automated Marketing Solutions

ClickDimensions – Marketing Automation Software & Service

ClickDimensions brings together sales and marketing using a variety of tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365. These tools, including campaign automation, reporting, surveys and web forms, assist with the two primary functions of the software: email marketing and marketing automation. All of this functionality is contained within the familiar Dynamics 365 CRM interface.

Here is a complete list of tools that ClickDimensions provides:

  • Email Marketing – Easily create and send bulk HTML emails – all with comprehensive data reporting, even for individual mails.
  • Social Marketing – Integrated social media tools allow you to post, share and discover on social media.
  • Surveys  Use easily created surveys to gather information from accounts, contacts and leads.
  • Campaign Automation – Effortlessly build automated, multi-channel campaigns with an intuitive drag-and-drop GUI.
  • Reporting – Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your business through data with integrated reporting tools.
  • Web Forms  Quickly and easily put together web forms for capturing new or existing visitor data.
  • Web Intelligence – Use web intelligence to gather information about which products and services your visitors are interested in.
  • Lead Scoring  Develop visitor profiles with lead scoring criteria that help you identify quality leads.
  • Landing Page – Easily customise your landing page with embedded forms and surveys, and track visitor stats.
  • Training & Support  If you are unfamiliar with ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics 365, training and support are included in the ClickDimensions subscription price.
  • Event Management  Whether you’re using GoToWebinar, WebEx, Eventbright or Cvent, you can integrate these tools to easily manage these events with one solution.
  • SMS (Text) Messaging  Conveniently create and send bulk text messages.

Marketing Automation Services

Plan your campaigns with marketing and sales to deliver

Unify your sales and marketing departments with Dynamics tools so that you gain a better understanding of your customer.

Level-up your customer experience

A better understanding of your customers and the touch points on their journeys allows you to create campaigns that engage your customers more effectively.

Boost your business

Create better consistency in your communication, improve marketing and revenue ROI, improve retention rates, increase close rates and reduce sales cycles – all of this is possible with Microsoft Dynamics marketing automation services.

Achieve More

For more information on how to use Dynamics 365 to increase sales and grow your business, contact Dynamics Group for a consultation.

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