Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Efficient scheduling

Master your scheduling and improve the efficiency of your field services to get more done.

  • Manual or automatic scheduling of resources is easy to implement
  • Ensure the right employee is on the job by matching requirements and skills
  • Take into account all the elements that affect your field services and optimise accordingly

Mobile productivity

Empower your field service agents with real-time and offline data, accessible through mobile tools across a variety of devices.

  • Ensure a better customer experience by providing your field service agents with a complete view of the customer and their issue
  • Field service agents can now access information to improve their in-field goals, such as first-time fix rates
  • By being connected on the go, field service agents are no longer trapped in a fixed schedule – they’re able to adapt their schedules as required.

Connected Field Service

The Internet of Things and M2M technology means that you no longer need to waste your field service agents’ time unnecessarily.

  • Remotely identify potential problems and resolve them
  • Gather data without needing to be on-site
  • Implement predictive maintenance – identify when a problem is most likely to occur and take proactive steps to prevent it

Achieve More

For more information on Dynamics 365 and how it can be used to improve your field services, contact Dynamics Group for a consultation.

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